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2016 – The Future of CCTV

This year will be a year of consolidation in the CCTV industry. 2015 was an incredibly challenging period in the CCTV industry as many new technologies, formats and advancements came from nowhere completely changing solutions, packages and installations. The innovative IP CCTV technology will continue to mature and develop as it is the platform of […]

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Man breaking in to a house

Home Crime – The Facts

For every 45 seconds in the UK, there is an attempted burglary and every 76 seconds, it’s successful. Dreadful isn’t it! Did you also know that, according to the Office for National statistics there was an estimated 6.6 million incidents of crime in England and Wales (year ending 2015)? Further reports have also shown that […]

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Money Stacked Up

Top Performance from UK Security Sector

A new study carried out on the European Security Technological and Industrial base has shown that the UK’s security sector is in a promising period of growth. The study which was published in June aimed to give a clearer picture of the technological and industrial base of the security industry in Europe. Research was carried […]

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CCTV Camera

CCTV – The Benefits for Businesses

CCTV security systems range from simple solutions which include a single camera and a monitor to bigger packages, which can involve hundreds of cameras, digital recorders and multiple operators. Having a fully working CCTV system installed can ensure the safety of your business premises, through; Deterrence – CCTV systems can be a great deterrent to […]

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