Retail CCTV

The most up-to-date retail CCTV technology.

IP CCTV turns images and audio into data that is then transmitted over your retail company’s existing network infrastructure or internet connection to a central location or PC anywhere in the world. Using digital technology means that the images are clear and do not degrade on playback, recording or onward forwarding, unlike traditional CCTV systems. CCTV also gives the security manager flexibility when viewing and managing CCTV images.

IP cameras use megapixel technology meaning an excellent image quality at up to three times the resolution of the best analogue cameras on the market.

There are many other benefits of IP CCTV:

Easy to set up, easy to use.
Use existing CCTV investments
Cost effectiveness
Multi camera/Multi sit remote accessibility
Smartphone compatibility with real time alerts and information
Future proof – can be adapted to changes quickly and easily